Shara Picture

“I was just walking when I saw two mothers from the first batch of Hungry Minds. They were asking for incoming Grade 4 students. Without hesitating, I let them list my name. I didn’t even let my mother know about it, even the other members of my family. It was a surprise for them when they found out I passed.

I wanted the quality education because, before I went to Hungry Minds, some days I’d be able to go to school, other days I couldn’t. I would go to school without eating breakfast. I didn’t have money for my recess and lunch. When I saw Hungry Minds, I told myself that this was my opportunity. This was my chance to have the quality education that I needed.

When I joined the Food for Hungry Minds School, I was always frowning and pouting. I didn’t want to cooperate. I didn’t want to participate. I remember one teacher, Teacher Crystal. She always made me proud of myself. She always told me that I should be strong. She told me that I have a lot of beautiful ideas and that I didn’t have to bottle it up. I shouldn’t keep it to myself. I should let it out. She was also the teacher who, little by little, helped me learn how to smile. It was her and the whole Hungry Minds family who helped me cheer up and be proud of myself.”

— Shara, Hungry Minds College Scholar and incoming 3rd year studying BS Psychology at Bulacan State University


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